A Quick Florida Wedding is an indoor elopement and micro wedding service offered by I DO Weddings by Sheri

A Quick Florida Wedding ceremonies are performed inside a professional office building space in East Orlando. Because it is an office building, the ceremony dates must be during the week Monday through Friday. The office is currently not available on Weekends or Federal Holidays that fall during the week. I cannot offer walk in services since the office is rented by the hour. In the near future, I will offer more locations and possibly weekend hours. Please be advised once these options become available, it will cause the prices to increase.

How have you restructured your business during the Covid-19 crisis

I have partnered with two Professional East Orlando Office locations to rent co op office space by the hour to bring you an affordable in office location to perform your elopements, mini wedding ceremonies or even your anti-weddings. I perform ceremonies for ALL couples with a valid Florida marriage license and do commitment ceremonies and vow renewals. This helps to limit your and my exposure to the virus. I don't want to be the officiant or have my clients raked across the coals on national television or the internet for spreading the covid19 virus and most certainly not causing deaths as I am sure you have read in recent news.


You can get married this year! Have a small ceremony now and a larger one later. You can get married before your license expires and not stress out waiting for an open date at the courthouse. I can help make your small wedding feel special!

  • This will keep you out of the rain and heat and give you a safe and PRIVATE place to get married.

  • This is absolutely NOT an Event Venue, it is a private business office with office furniture ( desk, table and office chairs) and a door.

  • Office weddings are Monday through Friday only. First ceremony start time at 10 am and the Last ceremony start time is 4 pm

  • Because of strict adherence to social distancing rules and to keep me, you and their locations safe, Masks are required to be worn to enter the building. To keep things professional, you will be met by a receptionist in the lobby.

  • Due to the size of the office space available, I can have no more than 2 people in the office with me at one location and no more than 6 people at the second location (2 will have to stand) for the micro wedding ceremony option. The amount of people allowed in the office space is subject to change as needed varying on the Covid-19 mandates. You will not be able to have any more people or add just one more person, a child is also considered 1 person. If you have a professional photographer or florist that counts as 1 person. Choose your guests carefully. The rules for the amount of people utilizing the office space are not negotiable.

  • You may have to have your temperature taken. If this becomes a requirement and your temperature or your guests temperature is not within the acceptable range you will have the option to reschedule but will have to pay the rental fee for that rescheduled date and time again. If you are not feeling well, running a fever, or have tested positive for the virus please call as soon as possible to inform me. I will do my best to work with you.

  • Having a stationary indoor location allows for weddings, rain or shine and I don't have to spend hours driving all over Central Florida which means you save money on your overall ceremony costs.

Zoom, Skype and other Live Streaming options

The option is only available at this time for the Micro Wedding Option. You are responsible for setting it up prior to the ceremony and taking it down after the ceremony. You may also set up a tablet or phone to record the ceremony . You are responsible for all set up and operation of it. It must be done within the rental time.

Rental Time

The offices are available to rent in 1 hour blocks of time. It is imperative that you are not late. Try to arrive in the parking lot at least 10 minutes before your reserved time. That will give you enough time to get inside the building and take the elevator up to the reception area.

Your ceremony, signing the documents and even with pictures, should fit comfortably within an hour. Time cannot be extended as the room may be reserved for another client or a different business immediately afterwards. If you are a person that is habitually late, or you are doing the Full Experience request a two hour block of time and pay the upcharge starting at $59 plus $3.85 tax to reserve a 2nd hour of time. The current pricing is based on a one hour rental time plus a discounted price for my services. Even if you are only there for 45 mins, a half hour or less, I still have to pay for a full hour. You may purchase each additional hour for $59 plus $3.85 tax per hour*Prices are subject to change

I have chosen offices located in East Orlando currently because the cost per hour is less than the usual $125-$250/hour and up at other locations. I know it has been rough going for a lot of people so I am trying to give a great experience with reasonable costs. I still have to drive a little but the offices are much closer than any other event venue, and most parks, so I have chosen to waive the travel fee.

Noise Level

Because this is still an office environment and not an event hall or venue, you will need to be conscientious of the volume of your in person guests, music (if applicable) and live streaming invitees.

Safety First in a close environment

I will be wearing a mask and also have purchased a clear sneeze guard for my desk to stand behind to perform the ceremony.

*To keep myself safe I am only taking bookings for these small ceremony services and on my regular wedding page at idowedbysheri.com/ceremony only booking Elopements and Very Intimate Weddings until the end of 2020

A deposit must be paid as soon as you are informed that your date is available to make sure that an office space and the time you request is available.

Deposits start at $49 at the East Orlando office near UCF. You will be sent an invoice through Paypal. You do not need to have a PayPal account, just a debit or credit card.

*Other offices are more expensive at upwards of $100-$250 per hour for the exact same amount of space or less. I don't feel that the cost makes sense at that rate. They are basically charging higher rates for the locations which are usually in downtown areas. If you are interested in other locations you will be responsible for the increased rental cost in addition to travel fees and the cost of the ceremony. Be advised that these are offices, not event spaces and are not available on the weekends or Federal Holidays that fall during the week.

Definition of types of weddings

An Elopement - is defined as a wedding for just the couple . No guests To elope means to get married without telling anyone, especially the parents and families. While the technical definition of eloping is "running away," it has a slightly more nuanced definition in wedding parlance. To elope may also suggest that you forgo a large formal wedding and elope for the ceremony instead. Many times the couple has a larger wedding or a big celebration at a later date. It takes away the stress and costs of planning a larger weddings.

A Micro Wedding- is defined as a wedding with either just the couple or the couple and up to 4-6 guests. The guests usually being the couple's parents, siblings or children. Oftentimes if family is unavailable, the guests are very close, usually lifelong friends of the couple. The couple wants the experience of a full length ceremony, but privacy is also a requirement. Many times the couple will feel free to do a themed or untraditional ceremony. These couples also usually forgo a traditional wedding reception opting to have a small get together afterwards at restaurants or someone's home. Sometimes a second larger wedding or celebration is planned but it is more likely to be celebrated much further down the road as a vow renewal.

A Very Intimate Wedding - is a wedding with the couple and usually about 10 guest and always under 20 guests. Couples who chose this option want to experience a full length ceremony and may only want a very few people at their nuptials. Ceremonies are usually inside of a 30 minute time period. These couples look for venues with accommodations for small weddings and usually end up in parks, gardens, beaches or renting a room or patio in restaurants. They are usually shy or introverts and don't prefer the attention to be on them but want their close family to be there for support. This is a popular option for destination weddings. These couples also usually forgo a traditional wedding reception opting to have a small get together afterwards at restaurants or someone's home or their vacation villa.

Intimate Weddings - a wedding where the couple has a guest list ranging anywhere from 20-40 guests. There is usually a small bridal party however, about half of these weddings forgo a bridal party. The ceremony is anywhere from 10-20 minutes in length. A large portion of the guests are made up of family members and close friends. It is common for these wedding couples to have a traditional reception. These weddings are sometimes held at homes or in backyards.

Small Weddings - A wedding where a couple has between 30-60 guests . A large portion of the guests are family members, friends and a few coworkers. The couple usually has a small bridal party. The ceremony is usually about 20 minutes and fits inside of a 30 minute window of time. A traditional reception usually follows. These weddings are sometimes held at homes or in backyards.

Medium Weddings - A wedding where the couple has a guest list of 60-100 people. A large portion of the guests are family members, friends and coworkers. The couple usually has a medium to large bridal party. A traditional reception usually follows

Large Weddings - Any wedding where the couple has 100 or more guests. A large bridal party is common and a full length ceremony ranging from 30-45 minutes is usually followed by an hour long photo session while guests enjoy a cocktail hour before a large traditional buffet or sit down reception.

Luxe Wedding - Elaborate, high end wedding for couples of mean. The guest list varies from 2 to hundreds of guests. The ceremony is usually lengthy, commonly 45 minutes to an hour or more, filled with multiple speakers out side of the officiant and can include entertainment. Every element is flashy, showy and high end and uber expensive. The couple usually hires upscale , expensive vendors and rents equally upscale and expensive venues. The cocktail hour is usually extensive being anywhere from 1-2 hours before the formal and lavish sit down reception and many times after parties begin.

Where are the offices located?

One is located inside Research Park not far from the UCF campus.

The second is located just off University Drive close to Rouse Rd.

I will always try to book the office near UCF first as it is more affordable and the office spaces at both locations are the same size. The UCF office also has some green space out side for pictures only and is located close to a few hotels that are operational.

The offices are only minutes from Waterford Lake Shopping and dining as well as dining options on University. Only about 45 minutes to 1 hour away from Cocoa Beach, 20 minutes to Winter Park and 15 to Oviedo and 30 minutes to/from downtown Orlando.

Destination Couples can grab their wedding license and head over the same day.(RSVPs are still required)

Local couples usually have a 3 day wait but that gives you time to RSVP

You will get the exact address once I am able to reserve the space and time.

How do I reserve my date and time?

The first thing you will need to do is fill out the rsvp form to see if I and your date are available.

Next- A deposit of at least $50 is required as soon as you are notified that the East Orlando office space by UCF for your date and time is available.

Your deposit reserves your date and time and is non-refundable.

You will be invoiced through PayPal. You do not need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.

You must pay $50-$80 to reserve your date and time depending on which office has availability. Then the balance due date depends on how far in advance you have reserved my services. Balances are usually due between 72 hours and 1 week prior to the ceremony. Most couples just pay the balance upfront due to the affordable costs. Invoicing is done strictly through PayPal Invoice. The invoice will allow you to pay the deposit and then pay the balance later or pay all at once. NO exceptions.

This helps to ensure (but does not guarantee) that you get your first date and time choice. The further out you request your date the better. Usually 3-6 months out always gets the date and time they want.

Cash and gift cards are accepted as gratuity. You can also leave a tip on the PayPal invoice.

Do we meet prior to the ceremony?

Clients that book the Eloper or the Micro Wedding will have the option to do a short video consultation. Currently by Skype, Google Duo or Zoom. The majority of communication will be done through emails and texts.

What is the mask situation?

Offices require masks to be worn to be allowed to enter the building and also once inside the lobby you must wear a mask. For the ceremony I will be wearing a mask. You may choose to not wear a mask once the office door is closed but will still be required to adhere to social distancing and will be charged $25 extra for time to disinfect the office space after your ceremony.

Please note if you show up to the building without a mask, you will not be allowed inside the property and services will not be rendered and no refund will be given. This is non negotiable.

You may have to have your temperature taken by the receptionist. If this becomes a requirement and your temperature or your guests temperature is not within the acceptable range you will have the option to reschedule but you will have to pay the rental fee for that new date and time. If you call within 48 hours or more of your date it may be possible to just reschedule you but that again depends on the company policies about rescheduling. If you are not feeling well, running a fever, or have tested positive for the virus please call as soon as possible to inform me. I will do my best to work with you and reschedule your date.

Please remember these are close quarter and confined office spaces.

If wearing a mask is a problem, as described above, I suggest planning an outdoor wedding and choosing an elopement or very intimate wedding option from the ceremony page at I DO Weddings by Sheri or finding another officiant to provide you services.

Can we light candles, throw confetti or flower petals?

No. No and No. Open flames are not permitted at either office location. Only Flameless candles are allowed. Bubbles are not permitted as they may cause a slipping hazard in an office with hardwood floors. You may also do unity ceremonies that do not include flames or lighting anything on fire. Remember this is a shared space, I do not own the office, I am renting office space, which means I pay to use it by the hour on an as needed basis to keep pricing affordable.

What kind of decorations can we choose from? Can we bring our own?

Affordable decoration options:

You will be able to choose from simple floral, draped or backdrop themed options all using artificial flowers. Themed and fun decor for holidays. You will be able to see options and pictures on the Specials page soon

A square thin copper arch is used due to limited space. Add a simple to elaborate decorated arch from $75-$250

Rent the arch and do your own decoration for $50 - You may have a personalized cloth backdrop sign made to fit inside a 6x4 copper arch. This means you would need to pay to rent the arch. It would need to slide on like a curtain rod. You will need to set it up and remove it within your rental time of 1 hour or add and extra hour for $75

Remember, we are going for quick and simple ceremonies. The offices are not very big, They come with desks, tables and two to four chairs that take up a good amount of real estate in the room. Space is very limited. And we are trying to keep things simple and affordable.

At this time limited outside decor is allowed using these vendors.

Please use Monica's Cleaners to make your masks and hem the material you buy for your backdrop (407) 382-2277

Please use ZoZo Flowershop to make your flower arrangements, bouquets and boutonnières website or call (407) 250-6844

Can I bring my own bouquet?

Absolutely! Live florals or artificial are fine. I am also a fan of floral head wreaths and boutonnieres. Please remember to take it with you at the end of the ceremony. I do not offer bouquets as part of the service.

How far in advance can we book our ceremony?

You can book your ceremony up to 6 months in advance and no less than 72 hours in advance. Last minute weekday weddings (booked within 24 hours or on the same day) may be available but will have a $50 fee assessed to the cost and the office size may be limited..

The Full Experience

The Full Experience

If you are booking the Micro Wedding, you may want the Full Experience. You will need to book the space for 2 hours if you want the full experience, which includes decor, pictures and time to have a small bite with the lucky few whom you choose to attend (you may bring a small wedding cake or cupcakes, non alcoholic drinks and finger foods along with tableware, utensils and music). 2 hours gives you time to have a full length personalized ceremony experience without rushing to squeeze everything into one hour.

You will have time to set up any digital recording or live streaming, utilize the grounds outside for pictures and actually have time to enjoy a cake cutting, finger foods and even a first dance if you like with the lucky 1-4 guests you invite to attend, plus gives ample time to set up prior and clean up afterwards.

Most couples choose this option later in the week (Wednesdays - Fridays and usually between 10-12pm, 12-2pm and 2-4pm.)

You would just add an additional $75 tax for the extra hour.

The option is available on the reservation page. You are responsible for cleaning up everything before you leave. The office has to be left the same way it was rented; empty and clean.

If you have your own venue and have 10 or less guests please go to idowedbysheri.com for info, prices and booking.